Todays art

Art meets creation and differentiation in art is now guilty. Messages are now specific and acceptance is desirable. Art submits to the imperatives of our time. Why Is Today’s Art So Meaningless?

There are lots of other artists doing time as victims of the conceptual art world — one paints nothing but vertical stripes, another places metal squares on the floor. Like Simeon on his pillar, they devote their lives to a cultural revolution. And like most cultural revolutions, this one is of questionable value to anyone but its immediate adherents.

Nowadays, art is an integral part of the capitalist revolution. It has become curated Bohemianism, a cultural revolution perpetuated by financial slight-of-hand: profitable businesses pump money into art non-profits; non-profits promote artists.

Their work increases in value and creates an art market; businesses speculate in the market and reap profits. Round and round it goes, and all the while the revolution’s ascetics its artist victims serve their time while promising spiritual wonders.

The art world demands sacrifices. Cease to do the time, and you are out.



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