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From a young age I imagined the combination of various forms of art together.. Where one type of art complements the other giving a completely different dimension to the listener and observer. Αnd not all created by one. In recent years I have discovered that my daughter has a special way of capturing our times through painting. This is also the first venture combining this simple painting captured by my daughter with music I created.. These few seconds of music and visuals I hope will take you far away from the shallow reality of today. The video is following..

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The Misanthrope

As the years go by and getting older I see some people around me lost in the vortex of their ego and their predetermined choices. Friendship is more like a commercial act, love turned into sex, the absoluteness of their views became part of their knowledge, revolutions are now just findings and their maturity looks more like a rotten fruit.
I now hold by my side those who can share their souls with me, are not afraid to be happy but also to be hurt, they know how to agree and disagree, they appreciate each other’s difference and they know how to live outside their forced pseudo-optimistic ego and they can perceive to respect the thoughts of the people around them.

Mature thoughts through life experience gain value only when one is able to evaluate them correctly.

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New World Order


2022 AD. A universal disease of viruses and war has now passed into modern societies as the means of control and subjugation. People feel relatively safe watching from the screens what is going on. And they silently accept news and views that aim to disorient their already frightened consciousness.
Hunger and poverty is approaching every level of human life. Spiritual poverty above all .. This world is finally made for a few stupid, vain and greedy beasts that they also want to be called human beings. And they want to control the rest of humanity with enforcement, violence, fear, deception and destruction .. The new order of things on this planet must change permanently if we want to continue to call ourselves human beings..

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Sidicius chiptune song made with an early Commodore C64c (SID chip 6581) and with the music tracker SID Wizard 1.8 . For 40 years the Commodore 64 sound remains unique.. Let’s start again…

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Mercury is a minimal and human-readable language for the live coding of algorithmic electronic music.

All elements of the language are designed around making code more accessible and less obfuscating for the audience. This motivation stretches down to the coding style itself which uses clear descriptive names for functions and a clear syntax. Furthermore the editor is restricted to 30 lines of code, keeping all code always visible. Mercury provides the performer with an extensive library of algorithms to generate or transform number of sequences that can modulate parameters, such as melody and rhythm, over time. The environment produces sound in conjunction with visuals. Besides looking at the code, the audience is also looking at the visuals that are reactive to the sound or generated by the sound.

It is named after te planet Mercury. Mercury rules the creation and expression of...

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My new favorite music sequencer is Orca. Designed by Devine Lu Linvega (Hundred Rabbits) and is a ingenious approach that really takes every musical idea to another level.

Orca is an esoteric programming language, designed to create procedural sequencers in which each letter of the alphabet is an operation, where lowercase letters operate on bang, uppercase letters operate on each frame.

The application is not a synthesizer, but a flexible livecoding environment capable of sending MIDI, OSC & UDP to your audio interface, like Ableton, Renoise, VCV Rack or SuperCollider. You can also use Pilot, a companion application to ORCA. Find Orca here .

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No one knows how far human mischief can go. It is certain that when dealing with such bad people you expose yourself to unacceptable situations. It’s easy to lose your personality and your life’s positions. It is easy to dive into the immorality of their thoughts and their life-long repulsion and eventually drown in a shit hole.

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Synths or software?


Some musicians believe that computers are not capable for creating electronic music like synths. They forget that synthesizers are basically computers and their circuits create waveforms and filters to synthesize sounds. They forget that the medium is not what makes the music but only the musician, his imagination, his experimentation are the things that give life and diversity to the sounds and notes.

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Messages from the past


Messages from the past have left deep marks on you .. You look at me like I’m someone else. I understand .. Your memories are powerful and they encapsulate your present. The way you react its only your past that crushes the present. You wake up through your oblivion and release your captured thoughts and feelings that have never been answered. Rage in your thoughts and your mind play dirty games .. Blind feelings are driving your soul today. And we are lost forever .. In your past..

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Nowhere Song


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