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Music and multimedia art experimenter

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Mercury is a minimal and human-readable language for the live coding of algorithmic electronic music.

All elements of the language are designed around making code more accessible and less obfuscating for the audience. This motivation stretches down to the coding style itself which uses clear descriptive names for functions and a clear syntax. Furthermore the editor is restricted to 30 lines of code, keeping all code always visible. Mercury provides the performer with an extensive library of algorithms to generate or transform number of sequences that can modulate parameters, such as melody and rhythm, over time. The environment produces sound in conjunction with visuals. Besides looking at the code, the audience is also looking at the visuals that are reactive to the sound or generated by the sound.

It is named after te planet Mercury. Mercury rules the creation and expression of...

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My new favorite music sequencer is Orca. Designed by Devine Lu Linvega (Hundred Rabbits) and is a ingenious approach that really takes every musical idea to another level.

Orca is an esoteric programming language, designed to create procedural sequencers in which each letter of the alphabet is an operation, where lowercase letters operate on bang, uppercase letters operate on each frame.

The application is not a synthesizer, but a flexible livecoding environment capable of sending MIDI, OSC & UDP to your audio interface, like Ableton, Renoise, VCV Rack or SuperCollider. You can also use Pilot, a companion application to ORCA. Find Orca here .

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No one knows how far human mischief can go. It is certain that when dealing with such bad people you expose yourself to unacceptable situations. It’s easy to lose your personality and your life’s positions. It is easy to dive into the immorality of their thoughts and their life-long repulsion and eventually drown in a shit hole.

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Synths or software?


Some musicians believe that computers are not capable for creating electronic music like synths. They forget that synthesizers are basically computers and their circuits create waveforms and filters to synthesize sounds. They forget that the medium is not what makes the music but only the musician, his imagination, his experimentation are the things that give life and diversity to the sounds and notes.

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Messages from the past


Messages from the past have left deep marks on you .. You look at me like I’m someone else. I understand .. Your memories are powerful and they encapsulate your present. The way you react its only your past that crushes the present. You wake up through your oblivion and release your captured thoughts and feelings that have never been answered. Rage in your thoughts and your mind play dirty games .. Blind feelings are driving your soul today. And we are lost forever .. In your past..

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Nowhere Song


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Carnal manikins

Carnal manikins approach you with seduction to selectively get what they want from you and to see only what they want to see .. They dismember and divide your human whole and with elaborate surgical incisions suck and mutilate a sensitive soul holding only the part that holds them satisfies. Ungrateful coarse aesthetics that starts from a raw and hypocritical social catechism that is initially born from the family and ends in the social environment. So the carnal mannequin discovers ways to cover up his timid ego by playing a bad theater of life and like an insatiable zombie he selectively takes what he wants from those around him, hurting and finally trampling human souls. Thus we come to the conclusion of a worm-ridden coward and suspicious man whom I characterize as a carnal manikin who is capable with too much disrespect and zero sensitivity of altering or destroying when they try...

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Overthrow and zeroing


We do what we learn with mapped consciousness and mode of operation. Always with fixed obligations that determine our existence on this planet.

Undoubtedly we stand and act hypocritically against our nature and towards our creator who “inadvertently” placed us somewhere in this universe. Being destructive, greedy and rude, with an overly selfish disrespecting to our surrounding area, we want to save and exalt our souls. Religions, philosophies good and evil be born from us to us in order to soften the uncertainty of our problematic nature. The “must” on our everyday life eventually awakens “anarchist instincts” into our subconscious. And that’s where everything starts. The notions of good and evil no longer have any distinct boundaries … And our brain can not be persuaded of everything that has implanted us, Destabilizing so overthrow and zeroing …

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Romance Song


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Your post is too short…

I’ve noticed that some bloggers are putting agonising efforts to show off Thousands of meaningless words and these kind of articles could be written with 10 words but they have to show that they are something special in this world ….

By finishing this post, SVBTLE warns me that it’s too short …

In a world that observes the following is reasonable that everything around us is programmed according to ..

  • Passive acceptance and coexistence
  • Poor aesthetics and life goals
  • Opinions built on common and safe recruits
  • Consumerism and Discrimination
  • Success without a strong philosophy of life
  • Understanding only that we perceive it as safe for us
  • Lack of judgment and perception of diversity
  • Lifestyle that fits only the views we have learn & adopted
  • Compromise …
  • Vanity..

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