Social Loneliness


Some of them they taught us about good and evil. And some others they put in our lives innumerable “musts” by limiting our time so to have falsely limited the need for “why” for an actual esoteric search. #

Strong justifications are: you must be a “social person” and you must follow the path of virtue of discipline … and also the production processes, profit, wealth for the benefit of course of the few.

Today, all societies are based mostly on failed economic systems and they give us the potential to build a powerful materialistic and extrovert “ego” with great doses of vanity. This is also what current social media means are speculative … But basically we are alone … far from our real self and away from real communication with those around us.

The choices are many … offering us the illusion that all that we choose is based on our own judgment … But very few are wondering if their judgment relies on guided models, so their choices are in fact predetermined.

Serving lifestyles for recognition and social acceptance … and usually endless inner loneliness within our delimited and ensconced soul. Many times we manage and intercept the physical course of our thoughts and feelings using psychologists, drugs, drugs, alcohol. These are unfortunately some of today’s “practices” to understand and find our real self or even to avoid disturbing us … #

We avoid experiencing anything positive and negative that comes out of us effortlessly. We believe that we can feel real happiness, true love, real communication, acting selectively and filtering the feelings that exist within us. We have separated the soul from matter by reaching distortion where pleasure is not born through us but by the ego.

We face with suspicion and selfishness that we are surrounded by our “blind” belief that we are the focus of this world and that we must remain unaffected unscathed and perfectly classified.
Lift your head some night and see the stars …. A truly shocking image of zillion stars in the universe. It is the magic of the harmonious anarchy that we should normally allow both our soul and those around us.

We have forgotten in these societies fundamental and basic things that would make us more people so that we are truly close to each other. We built economic and social systems to help us and serve us but eventually we were trapped and served by sacrificing our mental health, our time, our feelings. We are essentially more alone than ever …

It is probably the time to understand and reconcile (and not just compromise) first of all with ourselves so that we never feel alone. The time has come that we have to respect the uniqueness and diversity around us more than we have learned … #


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