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Carnal manikins

Carnal manikins approach you with seduction to selectively get what they want from you and to see only what they want to see .. They dismember and divide your human whole and with elaborate surgical incisions suck and mutilate a sensitive soul holding only the part that holds them satisfies. Ungrateful coarse aesthetics that starts from a raw and hypocritical social catechism that is initially born from the family and ends in the social environment. So the carnal mannequin discovers ways to cover up his timid ego by playing a bad theater of life and like an insatiable zombie he selectively takes what he wants from those around him, hurting and finally trampling human souls. Thus we come to the conclusion of a worm-ridden coward and suspicious man whom I characterize as a carnal manikin who is capable with too much disrespect and zero sensitivity of altering or destroying when they try...

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Overthrow and zeroing


We do what we learn with mapped consciousness and mode of operation. Always with fixed obligations that determine our existence on this planet.

Undoubtedly we stand and act hypocritically against our nature and towards our creator who “inadvertently” placed us somewhere in this universe. Being destructive, greedy and rude, with an overly selfish disrespecting to our surrounding area, we want to save and exalt our souls. Religions, philosophies good and evil be born from us to us in order to soften the uncertainty of our problematic nature. The “must” on our everyday life eventually awakens “anarchist instincts” into our subconscious. And that’s where everything starts. The notions of good and evil no longer have any distinct boundaries … And our brain can not be persuaded of everything that has implanted us, Destabilizing so overthrow and zeroing …

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Romance Song


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Your post is too short…

I’ve noticed that some bloggers are putting agonising efforts to show off Thousands of meaningless words and these kind of articles could be written with 10 words but they have to show that they are something special in this world ….

By finishing this post, SVBTLE warns me that it’s too short …

In a world that observes the following is reasonable that everything around us is programmed according to ..

  • Passive acceptance and coexistence
  • Poor aesthetics and life goals
  • Opinions built on common and safe recruits
  • Consumerism and Discrimination
  • Success without a strong philosophy of life
  • Understanding only that we perceive it as safe for us
  • Lack of judgment and perception of diversity
  • Lifestyle that fits only the views we have learn & adopted
  • Compromise …
  • Vanity..

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Industrial Lights


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Nice music?


Who thinks it’s easy to create nice and unique music? Obviously not .. In addition to music studies, we need images and feelings and, moreover, a daily life full of questions about what exactly surrounds us.

Unfortunately, we live in the age of social networking and our precious time is spent in front of screens .. I know musicians who spend more than half a day in front of the computer .. not to write music but to communicate in the facebook with the hope that they will become known and successful …..

Ιt is at least ridiculous and vain to hunt for success without having any serious esoteric reason to do so. Without dreams, fantasy and creative life, there is no real art other than repetition and recycling.

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Sonic Pi


Software programmer and musician Sam Aaron has made it his mission to “play the computer”, and to help others do the same. From his base in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, Sam has developed Sonic Pi, a free live coding sequencer and synthesizer based on simplified Ruby programming language that produces music from text commands.

It is designed initially for the low-cost programmable computing platform Raspberry Pi. The Sonic Pi is now powerful enough, fully fledged multi platform music program and there are versions for OSX, Windows and Linux.

Sam’s work was initially funded by the Broadcom Foundation, which supported the project for the first three months. After that, the Raspberry Pi Foundation stepped in, providing support by way of donation to the Computer Laboratory.

Sonic Pi is a social project, rather than a commercial one. It encourages everyone to...

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Radium music editor

I am particularly pleased about the inclusion of my musical ideas as demo songs for Radium Music Editor . Radium evolves from the developer of the legendary Octamed (Amiga) Kjetil Matheussen.

Radium is a music editor with a revolutionary interface. Compared to the normal sequencers (or DAW if you prefer) interface editing is quicker and more musical data fits on the screen.

Compared to trackers, note positions and effects are edited graphically, which should be quicker, provide more vertical space and give a better musically overview. (Everything can also be edited by text, like in a normal tracker)


However, despite its unusual appearance, it’s a design goal for Radium to be straightforward to use, and easy to learn. It should not be harder to learn Radium than any tracker or most MIDI sequencers. Users who are accustomed to more traditional trackers might use a little bit time in...

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paralogik live 2016

Eugene Broumidis and Nick Levantis began playing and writing music in the early eighties influenced initially by the punk and new wave bands of that era. Through three decades of common and uncommon musical exploration and societal experiences they’ve made personal projects and also formed and played in Greek Bands TNT, Prisoners, Joint, Tarot, Sonar Blips , Ethereal Movement.

Today with Paralogik which is a paraphrase of the Greek word “παράλογο”, they’re trying to present through music something quite different by combining elements of electronic music with atmospheric guitars and dark vocals. Their industrial and dark electronic sound travels through ethereal and nostalgic melodies with lyrics that touch many unresolved social concerns ..

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Din is noise sonic exploration

DIN Is Noise is a computer program, You can use your mouse and keyboard to make sounds Inspired by central-asian bowed string instruments, The Morin Khuur, the Kobyz, the Erhu, the Kamancheh, the Sarangi, and Cello.
An excellent Theremin when you arent playing right ;) Or play a raga of Indian classical music, OK, it is a sound synthesizer. Yes, it can accept input from your MIDI keyboard: Notes, control change, pitch bend and clock sync and5 oscillators.

1 for lead voice on the Microtonal Keyboard.
1 for plucked notes on the Keyboard-Keyboard.
1 for the balls of Mondrian.

And 2 for drones. Goodbye again, Sine, Triangle, Pulse and Saw,
While we install Bezier curves on Carriers and Modulators,
Chowning’s Yamaha pipe still pours $$$

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