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Zero value


Philosophy, theories, criticism and conclusions have zero value when our attitude shows the opposite..

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Social Loneliness


Some of them they taught us about good and evil. And some others they put in our lives innumerable “musts” by limiting our time so to have falsely limited the need for “why” for an actual esoteric search

Strong justifications are: you must be a “social person” and you must follow the path of virtue of discipline … and also the production processes, profit, wealth for the benefit of course of the few.

Today, all societies are based mostly on failed economic systems and they give us the potential to build a powerful materialistic and extrovert “ego” with great doses of vanity. This is also what current social media means are speculative … But basically we are alone … far from our real self and away from real communication with those around us.

The choices are many … offering us the illusion that all that we choose is based on our own judgment … But very few are wondering if...

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Greece a country of tolerance

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt. – John Adams

Hidden behind the gray shades of the current financial and political situation in Greece, the words that marks today and tomorrow is the confusion and disorientation.tolerance.jpg
In May 2010, when Greece’s first bailout was approved and the austerity antisocial measures started, the unemployment rate was at twelve percent. That rate has since climbed almost to twentyseven percent, and the youth unemployment rate for ages up to 25 years old has surpassed the seventy percent mark.

Poverty and destitution are spreading, and the country’s gross domestic product has descended rapidly, while its debt has grown from 127 percent to 180 percent over the past three years.
Four hundred thousand families in Greece not have an income and about three hundred thousand employed workers have not been paid for...

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Todays art

Art meets creation and differentiation in art is now guilty. Messages are now specific and acceptance is desirable. Art submits to the imperatives of our time. Why Is Today’s Art So Meaningless?

There are lots of other artists doing time as victims of the conceptual art world — one paints nothing but vertical stripes, another places metal squares on the floor. Like Simeon on his pillar, they devote their lives to a cultural revolution. And like most cultural revolutions, this one is of questionable value to anyone but its immediate adherents.

Nowadays, art is an integral part of the capitalist revolution. It has become curated Bohemianism, a cultural revolution perpetuated by financial slight-of-hand: profitable businesses pump money into art non-profits; non-profits promote artists.

Their work increases in value and creates an art market; businesses speculate in the market and reap...

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Love Equation

“The Love Equation” it describes on person’s feelings for another person in terms of some basic components and their relative importance.

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Black And White Toys

The “retro” multiple tones of grey and the bold shadows are some of the reasons why some people falling in love with black and white photos.

Possibly our brain decodes better the details of a black and white photography and supplements differently what is missing.

But wait .. The colourless, temporal and mysterious magic emitted from black and white cannot be explained so simply..

Let your imagination take you back to my small photographic journey through the toys of my mature age.

Old sport car
Strange motorbike
Retro 60's Radio

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Goodbye Tumblr..


I feel very sad about the recent acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo..
It is certain that in a few months my favorite blogging platform would be flooded by banners and advertisements. Freedom of speech,writing and any form of artistic expression is sure to be marginalized once again on the altar of profit.
Surely this will not happen immediately so to keep prospective customers …

The era of paid communication in social media slowly mutated into a voracious monster that is ready to absorb anything different that spoil the “good image” and standing as an obstacle to success and money.
Success … measured from the paid banners and likes in a globalized world that has ceased to communicate face to face ..

So I left tumblr . My new home for my articles is here

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